Understanding the “why”

by Marcelo Sarquis
October 28, 2018

The secret of the most successful businesses vision is understanding the “why” of things, in order to point its strategy in the right direction. On this post we will discuss the importance of why, not only where, what, who and how, and Business Intelligence in a company and how it can affect its success.


What we see is a lot of understanding the HOW: the planning aspect, the revenue increase, the expenses, etc. Business analytics for a while have been doing WHAT for a while in terms of what are we tracking, what are the KPI’s. What most companies have learned over the years often isn’t necessarily just the customers’ data, but the relationship with external data, such as weather, social media, etc. That is really the Why comes in because there is a lot of data to synthesize and what business intelligence can do is quickly put all of that internal and external data together in order to identify some of the key drivers and a combination of key drivers. That is a result of why customers make certain purchasing decisions; why is whether important, etc. Why other elements are important can really make a difference in sales marketing, in campaigns and why develop a product in a certain way. Understanding the combination of elements for why things are happening is the most important thing when deciding which direction the wind is going to blow.

Our goal is to make this easy-approach dashboard that somebody who doesn’t have the experience and analytics can pick it up and use it, but also robust enough that somebody who is a business analytics can also derive some value into it. A user knows you can pull certain levers and there’s a desired outcome whether that be increased revenue, reduce expenses, etc, and what we want to do is something that allows them to understand what lovers can be pulled to meet their desired outcome. A user does not need to know that what they are doing is what if analysis and goal seeking. They need to understand that here are the factors you can play with and here is what that outcome may be so we continue to strive to have that be the user’s experience.

Doing business intelligence is doing my discovery process of understanding why certain things behave in certain ways.

We have some successful project accomplished in the Business Intelligence field and if you would need any clarification or better understanding your “why’s” in order to have a better outcome in our business, we believe we can help you.

Thank you for the time and see you soon!


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