Objective-C programming

by Marcelo Sarquis
February 12, 2019

Hello there. Long time without writing here. Dec 2018 and Jan 2019 were crazy months from my side; nothing as a nice good hot coffee to help you finish the month.. Now, to what really matter: I have decided to create a mini-serie of posts describing the basics of Objective-C and its programming language.

Even if Swift is the newest programming language advertised by Apple (and really easy and simple to learn), Objective-C is still the programming language used by their developers (much more robust due to its age).

I will be diving into the details of the Objective-C programming language trying to show you that the main programming language by Apple is not that complicated and that you can do unbelievable lots of things with it.

The idea came down when I was discussing with a colleague of mine the usage of atomic properties vs nonatomic properties. He basically won the argument because I didn’t know the very basic of its definition; I just saw other people using it and I started using myself. Bad habits.

That is it for now and I see you in the next posts.

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