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- Product quality is the key at Binaries Studio. That is why we build and measure our products with modern tools and techniques. Code reviews and QA testing are a daily part of our standard operating procedure.

- We run all projects using the agile methodology in order to stay flexible and meet your needs and the newest features that your clients may request.

- We make sure that the project runs as fast and as scalable as possible. We also ensure that the deployment process runs smoothly and without any interruption.


- When we start a project, we usually provide the full team experience, including QA testing a product manager and a lead developer.

- We love to keep the code clean and maintainable. For future updates and increased readability.

- Each line of code we produce is checked by another developer from the team, as a peer code review.

- Our testers verify all functionalities to spot all potential issues before you do.

- We employ the SVN scheme/strategy for version control, which means every feature as it's own branch, getting merged in the develop branch, without compromising the complete application.


- Transparency is one of our core values. We include it in everything we do, internally and externally.

- We do not believe in "black box development". Every process and work being done is completely transparent and can be accessed by you at any time.

- At the end of each sprint, we report the project's progress to you and set the priorities for the next sprint.

- You will get an account on every platform or tool that we use for our communication and project management, such as Jira.


- To move at super fast speed and deliver new features and updates, we use the agile methodology.

- Agile is implemented throughout the entire company, allowing us to deploy working software very early.

- After each sprint, you will receive an newly updated product, ready to be tested. In this way, you keep track of the product and the work we are doing.

- Continuous delivery of new app updates allows you to give super fast feedback about the app develpoment and the latest UI design.


- At Binaries Studio, we believe that trust needs to be earned, not given. We expect it to be the same way for you.

- When we plan and estimate a project, we make it so that the first month can be the "dating time". If you are unhappy, or if we are not a fit for you, then you can easily cancel. No hard feelings.

- The code we create belongs to you, and you have full access to it from the day one.

- We keep your business confidential, and we are happy to sign NDAs.


- We work with the latest tools and technologies, employing the current best practices in every technology we use.

- Our daily bread and butter are technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Java and JavaScript.

- We are so passionate that implement support for new devices from day one. Previous examples: iPhone XS, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

- We love cloud-based infrastructure and also have experience with configuring, and maintaining a multi-server infrastructure.

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