how it works

Here is how we develop world class apps

01 we protect your idea

We start by making sure your Intellectual Property is always safe and secure — it’s our top priority and every project starts with an NDA.

02 consultation & concept assessment

Next we will discuss your idea and inform you more about our process so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

03 concept brainstorm

Then we will determine the best way to prep your idea for development, review commercial and technical risk and build the right product strategy to go to market.

04 fast development

Now it's development time! We work fast and you will be part of each step giving feedback for every iteration of the app from start to finish.

05 post release support

After we have gone live we can have a support and maintenance relationship in place for ongoing work. It's always up to you!

06 expand and dominate

Finally, you will get to work with our growth specialists to scale and optimise your product.
Frequently Asked Questions

we turn ideas into apps.

How do I know you won't steal my idea?

We take IP theft very seriously and you can protect yourself and your idea with the NDA. You can download it by tapping the button below.

How much will my app cost?

We have a nice tool to calculate the price of your app. You can start by clicking on Cost Calculator.

How long does it take to build an app?

Each app has its unique features and behaviours. It basically depends of how big your app will be. Our fastest delivery today was made in 3 weeks (from the initial idea to App Store).

What happens after development?

Many of our clients choose to work with us on further phases of the development.

How good are your developers?

We have an experience background working for top-tier firms in Europe and in America.

What work have you done in the past?

I have executed and managed projects around central and west Europe for the Energy sector for at least 5 years. Now I work with my heart and help people developing their apps.

protect your idea

Download the NDA, sign it and send it over at along with a short version of your idea.